Notes for Members

From Teesside Hackspace

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  • If the fire alarm sounds leave by the nearest exit and assemble in front of unit 3A.
    • If you discover a fire raise the alarm by the call point by either exit and leave the building
    • Call 999
    • Do not attempt to tackle the fire unless you have been trained to do so and are sure you are not adding risks, the most important thing in a fire is always to raise the alarm get people out and call 999, do not delay in those steps.
    • Do not stop to collect belongings
    • Inform a trustee
  • Use the “Do not hack” labels provided to label your projects
  • General Rules listed on the back of the front door
  • The Hackspace is to be fun and relaxed, H&S doesn't change that it simply adds some basic steps to prevent unnecessary accidents, please read the General Risk Assessment also available in paper
  • Note other H&S info can be viewed by following the links in the Health and Safety Policy
  • Under 16s to be supervised by a parent or guardian (condition of insurance).
  • Videos are recorded and pictures taken both for security and for the promotion of the Hackspace, by entering the space you consent to video and images being used for these purposes.
  • Property is left at the Hackspace at the owner’s risk, Teesside Hackspace accepts no liability for lost or stolen items.