Power tools Assessment

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Risk Assessment: Power Tools 

Revision Date: 2019-02-28

Assessors: Andrew Smithson, Jim Allanson

Scope: This risk assessment is to cover general use of Power Tools at Teesside Hackspace by members, visitors, or any other people who may enter the space.

Hazard Who might be harmed and how? Control measures Action, by whom and due date
Incorrect use from lack of understanding. Members and those visiting the space may be injured by incorrect use of a power tool
  • Training in the form of a signed off induction
  • Untrained members of visitors only to use equipment under the supervision of a trained member.
  • Trained user to inspect condition of tools before use.
Signage on power tools to state induction needed. By Andy Smithson due 2019-03-28
Projectiles from debris, including possible eye injury. Members and those visiting the space may be hit by debris created by power tools.
  • Use built in guards as much as practicable
  • Light eye protection mandatory for all non battery mains powered tools.
  • Eye protections signs up in relevant areas
  • Eye protection available close to the machines.
Pillar Drill: hazard of chuck key becoming a projectile. Members and those visiting the space may be hit by chuck key
  • Never have a chuck key in without your hand on the key, i.e. you use the key then remove it, you dont let go as then you might forget/ get distracted and start the drill with the key in .
Pillar Drill: Damage to hand or wrist from item being drilled. Members and those visiting the space may damage their hand or wrist as a result of the item being drilled snagging. Items to be clamped in situ before drilling with the pillar drill.
Cuts Members and visitors on open sessions may get cuts on from cutting bits
  • Sharp tools/ cutting bits to be stowed in a way that they don't present a risk of cuts.
  • First aid kit available
Serious cuts from table saw Members and visitors may get serious cut from spinning blade on table saw
  • No loose items (eg dangling drawstrings from hoodie) when using table saw
  • No fingers/ other body parts within 30cm of the blade when spinning, kickback can happen.
  • Use such that the emergency stop is always within easy reach
Dust / inhalation. Potential for members and visitors to breath dust from woodcutting.
  • Industrial vacuum to be connected and running when using the table saw.
  • Users to clean up >110% after using power tools
  • The dust quantity is limited by the space being for small ‘one off’ type builds not production.
Hearing damage Members and visitors subjected to loud noises from power tools. Ear protection not requirement as time weighted average is low for the nature of work anticipated to be done. Continuous use typically less than few minutes at a time, and for no more than total of 3 hours in given 8 hour period. Ear protection available if excessive work being done or if the user wishes to wear them.
Risk of injury going unnoticed. Members working in the space alone may injure themselves when no one else is there to assist.
  • Member to establish their own measures of ‘checking in’ eg having a contact (eg friend / relative) know when they are there alone and regularly establish contact.
  • Member to restrict activities that they consider risky when working alone.
Sprains, strains, back injury. Members or those involved in moving large wood could suffer sprains, strains or back injury.
  • Keep work area tidy, even though it may mean moving other people's things or tidying other people's mess.
  • Members to follow best practice, e.g. use multiple people for heavy (>20kg depending on the person) or awkward loads. Plan route before starting a lift. Avoid sudden movements.
Various hazards associated with alcohol consumption Members and visitors, could face various hazards associated with alcohol consumption Hackspace rules state “Don't be drunk in the space. If you're over the legal limit for driving avoid powered tools or anything sharp”.