Induction/Laser Cutter

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Safety Induction: Laser Cutter 

Revision Date: 2018-10-07

Training is given for the laser cutter as per the following:

  • Training to be given by Jim Allanson
  • Demonstration of the laser cutter given
  • Demonstration of software used to dive the laser cutter given
  • Explanation of possible eye damage to be given
  • Instruction to only operate with cover closed
  • Mains power and, thousands of volts to power the laser are present.
  • Voltages present even after power off
  • Vent to outside must be inplace before using
  • Manainance only to be performed under the expressed written (eg Email or Slack) permission of the Hackspace Trustees. If maintenance is performed on the machine all in the vicinity must have laser protection glasses that came with the machine as labeled for laser cutter. on suitable for Wavelength: 10.6um
  • List of materials suitable for use with the machine listed nearby the printer and on Equipment/SH-350_Laser_Cutter
  • Cooling to be active before using machine and kept below 30°C
  • Cutter not to be ran unattended.
  • C02 extinguisher suitable and to be used in event of fire.
  • Emergency stop button on machine

The trainee and the trainer are to Sign off the form “Training Record”
The Trainee is given a copy of the Risk assessment