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This template has two possible usages:

  1. Will have the text flow below when the warning text is too long</translate>


  1. Uses a table to indent the text.

Method 1

The following displays the warning icon and the word "Warning:".</translate> <translate> You can follow this with whatever text/images/markup you like.

Wiki Code: </translate>

{{warning}} <translate> Don't do that!</translate>

Script error: No such module "Template translation". <translate> Don't do that!</translate>


Method 2

The following includes the text passed to the template, and uses a table to stop the text flowing round the icon.

Wiki Code: </translate>

{{warning|<translate> Here is a long warning, which is sufficiently wordy to run onto a second line (unless you have a really large screen!), which would normally cause it to wrap round the icon, but because we passed it as a parameter it keeps its left alignment straight.</translate>}} 

Script error: No such module "Template translation". }} [[Category:Warning templates{{#translation:}}|Warning]]