Pledge: C-Beam CNC

From Teesside Hackspace

Successfully Funded! The CNC Kit has been purchased and assembled. It still needs some minor work before it is operational

C-Beam(max)CNC kit from RoboCutters

Pledge opened: 13th January 2017

Pledge leader: Jimallanson

We've been offered an excellent deal on the C-Beam(max) CNC kit from RoboCutters, a local CNC kit company. This will allow us to precisely mill large (up to 1m wide) sheets of wood, plastic and soft metal (e.g. Aluminium).


The regular price for this kit would be £1194, but after arranging a payment plan with RoboCutters, we should be able to afford this CNC with a total pledge value of £200, with the rest of the cost (after discount) made up from Hackspace funds.


If you would like to pledge for this item, please add your name and the amount you are pledging for to the list below. Once the target has been reached, you'll be given the details to pay via bank transfer.

Approximate target: £200

  • £40 - Jim Allanson - PAID
  • £50 - Peter Coulton
  • £20 - Chris Corbett
  • £25 - Andrew Hatch - PAID
  • £30 - Mike Sharp - PAID
  • £10 - Benjamin Green
  • £10 - Nicholas Smith - PAID
  • £15 - John Cunningham (to help hit £200 target)

Running total pledged: £185