Induction/Power Tools

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Safety Induction: Power Tools 

Revision Date: 2019-02-28

Training is given for the power tools as per the following:

  • Training to be given by Jim Allanson
  • User shown how to tell machine is in good working order
  • Reporting of out of action machine explained
  • Demonstration of the table saw and pillar drill given
  • Explanation of possible eye damage to be given
  • Manainance only to be performed under the permission of the Hackspace Trustees.
  • Never have a chuck key in without your hand on the key, i.e. you use the key then remove it, you dont let go as then you might forget/ get distracted and start the drill with the key in .
  • Items to be clamped in situ before drilling with the pillar drill.
  • No loose items (eg dangling drawstrings from hoodie) when using table saw
  • No fingers/ other body parts within 30cm of the blade when spinning, kickback can happen.
  • Use such that the emergency stop is always within easy reach
  • Industrial vacuum to be connected and running when using the table saw.
  • Users to clean up >110% after using power tools
  • The dust quantity is limited by the space being for small ‘one off’ type builds not production.
  • Member to establish their own measures of ‘checking in’ eg having a contact (eg friend / relative) know when they are there alone and regularly establish contact.
  • Member to restrict activities that they consider risky when working alone.
  • Members to follow best practice, e.g. use multiple people for heavy (>20kg depending on the person) or awkward loads. Plan route before starting a lift. Avoid sudden movements.
  • Hackspace rules state “Don't be drunk in the space. If you're over the legal limit for driving avoid powered tools or anything sharp”.

The trainee and the trainer are to Sign off the form “Training Record”
The Trainee is given a copy of the Risk assessment