EMF Camp 2024

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Event Info[edit]


Date Thur May 30th - Sun June 2nd 2024
Location Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Ledbury
Ticket Prices Full Camp Ticket £180, Under-18 £55, Under-12 £0
Parking £18, Caravan/Campervan £45
Full list here
Official EMF org links https://www.emfcamp.org/
Other info EMF Wiki, EMF-specific FAQs, All EMF2022 Registered Villages, Official EMF Wiki villages


At the festival we can camp in Villages, Teesside Hackspace is having a village where we can camp together. We should plan to make our village awesome.

Food is available on the site, its not cheap, so advise bringing your own. Note there is a Tesco in Ledbury (2.3miles away).

Name Transport Setting off Leaving Notes / Bringing anything notable/ cool?
Andy S Driving DIY'd Freestanding hammock adorned with LEDs.
Toby S W/ Andy
Chris C
Eliana C w/ Chris
Mat (NotEnoughTech)
Jim?? (needs ticket??)
Lee R

Communal Stuff to Bring (for Village)[edit]

We should make the village as cool as we can, the more LEDs etc the better.

Item Name Owner / Location Transport Notes
Teesside Hackspace Banner Teesside Hackspace TBD General
16a ceeform 45m to 4 way reel Andy S TBD General
16a ceeform 20m?? to 2 way Andy S TBD General
3 pin plug 20m?? to 4 way Andy S TBD General
Gazebo Chris C TBD General
Folding Trolley Chris C TBD General
Camping Stove Chris C TBD General
long Pink Ethernet cable on a drum Andy S TBD General
Bluetooth Speaker Andy S TBD General

What to Bring[edit]

Here are some ideas of things you might want to bring with you.

Item Reason
4-way extension lead (5-10m) or similar coordinate power requirements with Andy S. (Andy has a couple of long ones with a ceeform plug to get power to our village, so you can run shorter extensions on 3pin plugs from these to your tent assuming no one has anything megapowerful)
Money Money can buy food and/or beverages
Medication Bring your own pain killers/hangover cures, EMF do not supply this! First aiders will be on site.
Camping Chairs guarantee a place to sit and for your own tent
Long Ethernet cable If you want ethernet in your tent Andy has a long pink cable on a drum, can add a switch and reroute from there
USB C cables / adapters For your badge! 2024 badge info To Be confirmed
Torch It gets dark at night
Rubber Mallet To help put up your own tent and others
Drinks There is a bar but you might want to bring your own.
Snacks To keep your going between meals
Toiletries Stuff to wash with, towels, toothbrush etc.
Raincoat and Wellies It will probably rain at some point and it's in a field
Sun Cream There might be sun at some point and you'll be outdoors
Bug Spray It's near water and some people have tasty blood
Jumpers, Jacket and Hoodies It will be cold at night and you'll be outdoors
Bag to carry valuables (like laptop -useful for some workshops) around
Camping Stuff + clothes assuming your going to camp
Ticket Electronic is fine

Note: EMF Camp provide free Ethernet and WiFi, download their app beforehand for quick easy connecting to the wifi. rogue access points are not allowed for Wifi requirements beyond connecting a phone/ laptop contact the EMF NOC team

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