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Below are some of the pieces of equipment we'd like to get. If you know someone who wants to get rid of something on the list, or find it somewhere at a bargain price, let us know on Slack or the mailing list. You could also try starting a pledge if other members are interested in pooling together money to buy something for the space.

  • UPS
  • A3 or larger Laser Cutter - Ideally something from Just Add Sharks, but Glowforge could be an interesting option
  • CNC machine - There are some good open source options, such as the OpenBuilds OX
  • Vinyl cutter
  • 2-3 basic desktop PCs + monitors
  • Rackmount server & small-ish (4-12u) rackmount case
  • Laser printer (monochrome is fine)
  • Laminator
  • Large format inkjet printer
  • Analogue oscilloscope
  • (mini?)Fridge
  • Vacuum former (could potentially build our own)
  • Shop vac
  • Various woodworking / metalworking tools
  • Projector
  • Tuck shop
  • Any molecular biology equipment, e.g. Autoclave, centrifuge, PCR machine
  • Networking equipment - switches, access points, etc, especially rackmount stuff
    • Wireless access point supporting OpenWRT
  • Books on electronics, programming, molecular biology, mathematics, CNC, etc
  • Radio equipment, software defined radio
  • Small industrial robot arm, and any general robotics stuff
  • Small craft tools, e.g. craft knives, cutting boards
  • Arduino, raspberry pis & accessories
  • Virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift / HTC Vive
  • Small vending machine - could stock various consumables, e.g. sugru, printer filament, arduinos etc
  • T-shirt heat press
  • Small comfy chairs / sofa
  • Sewing / embroidery / knitting machines
  • flatbed scanner
  • Additional rotary tool
  • Cordless drill
  • EEG headset
  • Benchtop sander
  • Bandsaw
  • Scroll saw
  • Mitre saw
  • Welder - Stick / MIG / TIG


Things we don't need (we have to conserve space so thanks for the offer, but no thanks).

  • Doors
  • Old CRT monitors or desktop PC's that don't conform to our Communal Systems Policy (but if it's something special, please ask)
  • floppy drives
  • pata ide drives
  • cables for either above
  • ADSL routers
  • modems
  • anything that takes pcmcia cards
  • anything that takes AGP cards
  • anything that takes ISA cards!
  • anything that takes PATA
  • anything that takes SCA