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We're moving again! By the start of May, we'll be at our new-new unit just around the corner at 2D Brighouse, Tuesday night open nights are on at 3D Brighouse as usual. For chat and involvement in projects, check Slack.

An open evening at our space at 3D Brighouse


We’ve founded Teesside Hackspace Ltd to provide a hackspace for people in Middlesbrough and the surrounding area. A hackspace (a.k.a hackerspace, makerspace, hacklab) is a community run workshop where people can come to build things and collaborate on projects with like-minded people. Our new space is at 3D Brighouse Middlesbrough (near Teesaurus park). We’re a not-for-profit community run organisation, so our monthly income will be used to cover the costs of running the space, and pay for new equipment. If you’re interested in using Teesside Hackspace, we encourage you to become a member and pay what you feel the space is worth to you.


To become a member of Teesside Hackspace and gain access to our shared space visit the member section of our website and sign up. Membership can be paid monthly or annually by Direct Debit. We ask that you pay what you think the space will be worth to you. Please be as generous as you can, the more money we raise through membership, the better the space we get can be. The space will require our members to contribute an average subscription of £15/month to survive. For students, retirees or low income members the minimum subscription is £5/month.

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